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“HAPPY NEW YEAR FESTIVAL” has been held in the shopping mall at the ANCAYI main shop.
And, a lot of stores sell the commodity of 50L$.
Denim is sold from LikeA. The period is 1/22-29.

* * + ANCAYI + * *


I set a group gift after a long time in the shop.
It’s a normal type of the half denim sold this time. The color is a black.
It’s functionally equal to cargo pants of the camouflage print though it is not cargo pants.
Please activate the group tag and touch the panel. And, please receive the gift.
I will tell it to you by the group notification before it ends.

::LikeA:: main store



Wind Meads

I have managed the shop in the Second Life.



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LikeA main shop
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