Store policy is written as follows.
LikeA has been managed based on this policy.

Most of LikeA products are no transfer and no modify. Please, check it before you purchase.

When you cannot receive the commodity, due to the trouble of SL though you paid the charge.
If the commodity that you bought was a commodity that can be copied, Please contact me. I support you.

Please send me transaction records for your purchase.
IM might not be able to be received. Therefore, please send it with the note card.

And, I support you only within one month after you buy the products.
It’s because preservation on an official site of the transaction history is one month.

In this cases, I cannot support you.
* When the products that can be transferred disappears from your property.
*When the products doesn’t reach you though you try to buy the products that can be transferred and money was paid.
(no copy products is impossible to send it again.)

Please send and inquire the ticket of the Linden support at the above-mentioned case.

However, even if you make a mistake and the products is bought, I don’t support it.
the repayment is impossible. The exchange is also impossible.

[ When “Transaction record” cannot be confirmed, I cannot support you. ]

My products are design based shapes is LikeA models.
When your shape is very large (Or, it’s very small), it might not suit you.
Even in that case, the repayment is impossible. The exchange is also impossible.

Some products contain resizing script.
The method of the resize is written on the note card that has been included.
Please read it.
(Scripts don’t run at land where it’s not permitted.)

*About Mesh products.
As of September 2012, my mesh products is created based on the “STANDARD SIZING” shape. So, you must check it by products of demo.
But with respect to the above, I haven’t receive custom orders. You can’t custom order to me.

If you have any question, Please send to me NOTECARD.

I’m not a native speaker.
Please use simple English without using the abbreviation etc. if you question and contact me.

LikeA owner Wind Meads